Clermont-Ferrand Travel Sketchbooks Festival

I’m back in Seattle after a whirlwind trip to Clermont-Ferrand, a city in central France boasting the picturesque (medieval churches), the industrial (Michelin), the outdoorsy (snowcapped volcanoes!) and the best-known travel-sketchbooks festival in the world, Rendez-Vous Carnet de Voyage. Thousands of visitors come to this three-day event every November for a chance to meet invited travel sketchers who exhibit their work, give workshops, sign books and conduct live sketching sessions. One hundred artists from all over the world were selected this year, including a strong group of urban sketchers. To mark the festival’s 20th Anniversary, the organizers also invited a few of us —Lolo Wagner, Nina Johansson, lapin and me— to represent Urban Sketchers with an official stand. How cool is that? If you like travel and sketching (and what urban sketcher doesn’t?) you should add this event to your bucket list!

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